Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse found dead in her apartment

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her apartment, in London on July 23. I've been reading a few news articles and it's a bit sad that she died in such a young age of 27.

She battled with her addiction, but we just can't conclude that she died because of an overdose. I mean, let's just wait for the official announcement after her autopsy. For now, perhaps, we can just go and play some of her songs, just to remind ourselves how great she was.
Farewell, Amy. We will surely miss your voice and your songs.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My 30 Day Challenge

5 Ways to Win My Heart
  1. Magpakatotoo ka lang. :) Ayoko ng fake.
  2. Know when to shut up and when to give me advice
  3. Give me a puppy. :D or just love dogs. :)
  4. Have a goal and be passionate in life. :)
  5. You must love taking photos and travelling as well. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Here and There Adventure to CDO and Camiguin

My first ever post!
I find it troubling that I can't stay loyal to a specific blog. I have this strange habit of updating my blog here and then leaving it for a few months or perhaps a year and then recall that I have a blog here and then update it.
Again, I attribute such behavior to my short attention span. I will have this deep interest in something so random, and I can forget about it and not recall that I like it so much in as little as 15-30 minutes. As for this blog, I will try to religiously update this at least thrice a month. I guess I can commit myself to that much attention to this blog.
As for my current status now, I am happy. Happy as a bumble bee. :)
I love what I'm doing now, which is pretty much new to the industry as well as to myself. :) I'm a Social Media Manager and basically I manage stuff. :D I love analyzing people and why they act in a certain behavior and I do bits of that in day job. What's great is I also use my writing skills in providing content, I just love the fact that I get to use what I learned in college in what I'm doing now.
I'm super happy because I got the chance to go to Cagayan de Oro, which was a lot of fun. First time to ride a plane and all, and geesh, it's the farthest I've been in the Philippines and ever in my entire life. It was a lot of fun, and of course I took a lot of photos as well.
I enjoyed White Water Rafting, but I expected it to be a bit harder. :) Paddling through the rapids is fun and it sort of gave me this adrenaline rush. I mean I can fall out of the raft and I can hit my head or something. The activity was worth it, the scenery, everything was so beautiful, I actually wanted to cry out loud that the place was so f-ing awesome. I do hope they preserve it so that more filipinos and foreigners can enjoy the amazing scenery and adrenalin rush that white water rafting had to offer. :)
I hope that more and more pinoys could drop by CDO to experience what I've experienced. :) And of course we also dropped by Camiguin. The White Island in Camiguin is superb as well, it's just this tiny island, and yep, with white sands everywhere, haven't been in Bora yet so I have no reference as to whether the sands in white island is as white or as pretty as the sands in bora, but it's a nice place to go to. I even have this theory that perhaps, only a part of it can be seen during the high tide.
After such a wonderful time in CDO and Camiguin, I'm so looking forward to going to Cebu and Bohol with my mom this September as well as to Davao on November. :) I have this inkling feeling that I would get addicted to traveling as much as I can just to see how beautiful the Philippines is. :)
Til next time. :)